The Tensyon support is equipped with an integrated cable gland that allows it to be easily used in tensile structures.
The cable is pressed directly onto the support and in the case of small facades it is possible to use only the vertical cable, reducing the overall dimensions of the supporting structure to a minimum.
The vertical cable can be integrated with bracing systems sized according to the loads acting on the facade and the anchoring possibilities. The bracing systems can be of various types: cables, profiles, glass fins, etc.

| Fixing scheme one
A | The component is fixed directly to the supporting structure:tubular supports, pillars, brickwork through mechanical retention
B | The component is fixed to pre-tensed cables:
B1 | Single large-diameter high-tension cable to resis to vertical burdens (own weight) and horizontal burdens (positive and negative drive from the wind and accidental actions).
| Fixing scheme two
B | The component is fixed to pre-tensed cables:
B2 | Cavo verticale più cavi di controvento con sistema di bielle
C | Fissaggio del componente a struttura di controvento in vetro (Glass Fins).



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