Profile for balustrade Sirio F

Profilo per parapetti Sirio F

Technical information
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Adjustment of glass alignment from the upper side with standard allen keys. Glass can be installed and repositioned easily.
  • Tested up to 3kN, for 8+8 or 10+10 mm glass.
  • Available for installation above the floor, built-in the floor or with side fixing.
  • Standard finishes always available with 20 micron anodizing silver and mat stainless steel, on demand other anodizing finishes and Ral painting are available.
  • U-channel base profile is supplied with length. 2500 mm, covers are available with length. 2500 and 5000 mm. Other dimensions and cut to size are available on request.
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| Possible installations
Supporting profile is pre-drilled for bottom or lateral fixing according to the type of installation.

Covers profiles can be combined according to the type of installation.

| Test of resistance
Linear load test up to 4,5 kN
Hard and soft body crash test

Test of resistance to linear loads and impacts load from hard and soft body
The tests were carried out considering the following normative references:
NTC 2018
Loads according to intended use definition
UNI 11678/2017
Glass parapets with anti-fall function, resistance to the linear static load and to the dynamic load and relative test methods
Glass parapets with anti-fall function

- Loads were checked 1200 from the profile base
- When glass is without rigid plastic interlayer, the glass must be composed by one tempered glass sheet and one hardened glass sheet, hardened glass must be positioned on the thrust side
- Other European countries require different limit load and maximum deflection are lower,test required are almost the same, therefore the category to which they belong must be verified based on the test results.
| Suggested screw ancors
| Assembly instruction
Fasten supporting profile (Art. Sirio F / Sirio H) with suitable screw anchor maintaining a fixing pitch of mm 250.
with suitable screw anchor maintaining a fixing pitch of mm 250.
Assemble clamps (art. AC40 / AC41) and insert them inside the profile maintaining a pitch of 250 mm.
Install covers and gaskets.

Place the glass.
Install glass-to-glass gaskets (Art. AC48 / AC49).
| LED installation scheme
| Glass dimensioning schemedimensioning
| Rain water drainage

In the case of terraces and external balconies we recommend to allow rainwater drainage by installation of classic drips normally used with masonry balconies.
We do not recommend to provide drainage under the profile cause water draining on the slab front could damage the masonry.

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