Mira – canopy supporting profile

Mira – canopy supporting profile

Canopy system with wall supporting profile minimal and elegant design.
System is equipped with integrated rainwater collection system, which allows to direct water into a single point of gush and predisposition for LED lighting installation that could be inserted into the lower part, for the pedestrian crossing illumination, and inside the profile, in correspondence with the glass thickness The system is easy to install and doesn’t requires notches or holes on the glass.
The system is easy to install and doesn’t requires notches or holes on the glass.
Certified according to current regulations.

Main features

  • Single module: Max width 1750/2500 mm
  • Multiple module: connectible in series (glass can also be installed over junctions)
  • Maximum depth: 1200 / 1500
  • Capacity mq:
    depth 1200 kg. 200 / depth 1500 kg. 100
  • Glass thicknesses: 8 + 8/10 + 10
  • Standard finishes: silver anodized and stainless
  • Finishes on request: other anodized colors and RAL finishes
  • Slope modification on external direction on demand
| Test
Tests have been carried out according to in force regulations concerning loads resistance and impact load on hard and soft body. The required load resistance values change according to the place of installation: geographical area, altitude and exposition. The real admissible projection depends on the load capacity of the fixing point and on the solidity of the anchoring wall. To respond to post-breaking safety conditions of norm UNI 7697 which requires the use of laminated glasses with rigid plastic or at least one sheet with strengthen or hardened glass, the tests were carried out with laminated glass composed of one tempered and one hardened layer. It is recommended to use a rigid plastic where is possible.
| Installation instructions
1_ Fasten Mira profile on wall using all mounting holes and appropriate screws anchors.
2_ Insert the snap gaskets on glass supporting profile (included in gasket set Art. AC 60/61).
3_Install the glass supporting profile on Mira profile.
4_Install the glass: place the glass sheet on the glass supporting profile, inclined and slid it until the complete insertion against the back stop. Bring the glass sheet back in horizontal position so to let the supporting profile moves in horizontal position as well.
5_Install the top cover profile.
6_Install lateral caps: seal internal part of cap that will be in contact with the profile taking care not to obstruct the water drain section and than screw it on the profile.
7_It is possible to place LED lighting in the canopy by using appropriate spaces as shown in the diagram:
- on glass support profile for glass edge illumination
- under Mira profile for the lighting of the pedestrian crossing
Cutting and welding by the installer

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