Sliding system for shower doors

Sliding system for shower doors

Technical information
  • Suitable for glass with 8 mm thickness.
  • Possibility of lateral fixing on wall or glass.
  • Maximum width 2000 mm.
  • Fixed glass doesn’t requires holes or notches and reduced space between door and fixed panels avoids using of gaskets.
  • Kit art. 490 is supplied without stops and with small double bottom guide it is possible to integrate the system with side stops and replace the small double bottom guide to allow the installation of the ‘U’ profile Art. 344 on the floor combined with the covering profile Art. 345.
| Application Scheme
| Sliding shower system art. 490 tecnical details
Fixed glass fastening details that doesn’t need holes
Floor bottom guide detail
Glass fastening details and cut out
Wall fastening details of supporting sliding bar art. 491

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