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Sistema Tensyon

Glass support system without glass drilling, suitable for laminated glass,
double-glazing and photovoltaic panels.

Main features
  • Glass without holes
  • Material: Aisi 316 L stainless steel
  • Glass thickness: 25 mm, 36 mm, 40mm, other thicknesses available on request
  • Two verisions: Support with cable clamp (Tensyon) or for fixing to standard bearing structures (Tensyon Evo)
  • Reduced spaces between glass and bearing structure (max 60 mm).
  • 100% made in Italy
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| Scheme of the forces acting on the glass
Scheme of the force
Fissaggio con viti articolate
Fissaggio con borchie sistema Tensyon
The glass support clamps are made of special materials that allow to absorb glass movements induced by forces acting on the façade, the same system avoid use of “rotules” and reduce risk of production due to drilling and then to the tempering.
The result is a considerable reduction of processing costs of the glass, which makes it possible to realize punctual façades with low budget.
The system is particularly indicated for double glazing façade and photovoltaic panels.
| Installation
The installation of the façade is very simple and fast, once the supports have been installed on bearing structure the glass sheet can be positioned on the support and fixed by the proper fixing plates.
1 Fixing tensyon to structure (cables, steel tubes, glass fins etc.)
2 Place the glass panels without gaskets
Screw the fixing studs

All development project has been checked with FEM calculation. We have reached very high levels of resistance of the various components: each support is able to support loads up to 2000N with minimal deformations and a high safety factor.

Sistema Tensyon - Prodotti

| Fixing scheme one
A | The component is fixed directly to the supporting structure:tubular supports, pillars, brickwork through mechanical retention
B | The component is fixed to pre-tensed cables:
B1 | Single large-diameter high-tension cable to resis to vertical burdens (own weight) and horizontal burdens (positive and negative drive from the wind and accidental actions).
| Fixing scheme two
B | The component is fixed to pre-tensed cables:
B2 | Cavo verticale più cavi di controvento con sistema di bielle
C | Fissaggio del componente a struttura di controvento in vetro (Glass Fins).

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