Light canopy

Light canopy

Aisi 316 L range of accessories designed to combine mechanical resistance and elegant aesthetic line. All accessories can be combined so to allow installation of single, double, corner or linear series of glasses. Tension rods can be fixed perpendicularly or obliquely

Main features

  • Material Aisi 316 L stainless steel
  • No limit on dimensions
  • Glass thickness from 6 + 6 to 12 + 12 mm
  • 100% made in Italy
| Installation solutions examples
| Glass dimensioning

Light supports grant a load capacity of 150 Kg per point. Combination and positioning of the fixing points determinate glass resistance.

It is possible to install canopy with four, six or more glass fixing holes. Different placing of fixing holes and addition fixing points allow to reduce glass deformation when subjected to load and therefore to increase glass resistance.

Load requested by the regulation must be considered while calculating glass dimension.

| Examples of dimensioning
Recommended glass thickness
8+8 o 10+10 Current regulations about post breaking resistance require the use of laminated glasses with rigid plastic or at least one of the sheet made of strengthen or hardened glass. HST treatment is recommended on tempered glass.
| Rod dimensioning
The rod is provided on measure and allows an adjustment of +/- 2 cm. The length is determined according to the diagram below.
For proper functioning of the system we suggest to respect an inclination of the rod between 40° and 50°.
If a different inclination is requested the length of the rod must be specifically calculated.
The glass slope can be adjusted by the tie rod and the articulated fixing screw.
| Rod calculation
45° Tension Rod dimensions calculation
A = Wall distance of the glass fixing hole
B = Wall fixing point height
C = Rod length
With A dimension known
C = A – 120 X 1,41
With B dimension known
C = B – 175 X 1,41
B = A + 63

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