Novità 2023

Novità 2023

SLIM sliding system

Oxidal continuous technical and aesthetic research has led to the design and construction of a very articulated system dedicated to the world of sliding system.

Main features

– Supporting rail suitable for installations wall or ceiling, single, double or triple.

– Capacity up to 150 kg.

– Various possible combinations.

– Manual, synchronized, telescopic opening and automatic closing system.

– Sliding carriages with standard side stops, with single or bidirectional shock absorbers.

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Hydraulic hinges

A further new product are the Hydraulic hinges for glass doors, Series: 4000, 4400, 4500 and 2000. Also in this case the hinge system is equipped with numerous accessories, for glass-glass, glass-wall applications, which allow for a very versatile use.

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Balcony system profile

The range dedicated to balustrade expands with the Luna french balcony system and Argo Vertical support profile for glass parapets.

The small dimensions of the profile Luna reduce the visual impact of the fastening system and grants minimum obstruction on the window hole, in case of lateral fastening, and minimum space onto the façade, in the case of front fastening.

Argo system allows to create various types of parapets and railings but can also be used for fences made with glass or other types of materials. A single upright system allows various combinations for installation of linear or angular systems. .

Luna and Argo system are tested according current regulations.

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