Electric locks and strikes

  • There are two different solutions for electric mechanisms:
    • Direct electric locks (Art. 270)
      The electric part is in the latch lock, the look keeper is a simple strike (electrical power from the lock side).
    • Electric strikes (Art. 281/281A/283)
      The electric part is in the lock keeper. It must be used an appropriate latch lock (electrical power from the lock keeper side).
  • It is always advised to use electric strikes because being the electric connection on the fixed or semi-fixed glass, it will suffer minor stress and therefore has a lower risk of malfunction.
  • All the electric locks and strikes work with alternate current 12 V.
  • The electric strike supplied provide daily release lever and permanent release upon electrical contact (without anti-repeater).
  • The electric locks supplied provide permanent release upon electrical contact (without anti-repeater) and do not provide daily release level.
  • The opening mode (button, code, magnetic cards, etc.) is determined by the devices provided in the electrical system and customer demand. The opening mode choice is not influential on the type of electric mechanism and accessories we supply.
  • The locks are supplied with cylinder with knob that allow the exit from inside without key in absence of electricity.

electric locks and strikers