Floor Springs

Floor spring

  • Our floor springs have two separate and independently adjustable closing speeds. The first speed settles the closing speed from 180° to 15°, the second one settles the fast or slowly final closing from 15° to 0°.
  • Returning action of the floor spring act on all opening arch of the door till 180°.
  • Floor springs are made with cast iron body, zinc-plated steel containing box, cover plate and screws in mat stainless steel or mat brass finish.
  • All models can be supplied with stop at 90°, 105° or 0° (no stop). The standard floor spring supplied is with stop at 90°, only if requested, other models are supplied.
  • All models can be realized with different power that changes according to the load to support as indicated in the scheme. Standard floor spring has power 3, only upon request other models are supplied.
  • Floor springs have 3 years guarantee (500.000 opening)